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City Air Conditioning covers all installation requirements for comfort, cooling, and heating for the desired location. Air conditioning is not just for cooling as usually perceived. Many different types of air conditioning systems provide both heating and cooling, keeping occupants comfortable all year round.  We supply and install all types of indoor and outdoor units from numerous worldwide manufacturers to cater your needs. These may include ceiling suspended, ducted concealed, cassette type, wall mount, and floor standing. 

We cover all aspects of installation, including containment, pipework, insulation, condensate, cabling, controls, and commissioning, allowing you to use the same contractor throughout the project. 


VRV/VRF (Variable refrigerant volume / Variable refrigerant flow)

Installation of large VRV/VRF systems via a heat pump or heat recovery application allows the minimum amount of energy that is required to maintain set temperatures. This set-up is sustainable for the user in the long run due to innovative technologies saving on energy costs, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.  These systems are suitable for a wide range of applications where numerous units are required, such as offices, schools, hotels, apartments, and retail. 


Split, Twin, Multi split systems

There are a variety of split systems that can be selected depending on the requirements. A single/twin split system can be used for a single-room application or a multi-split system, which can serve up to five rooms independently. Both options are connected to a single outdoor unit, providing a space-saving alternative to VRV/VRF systems. These systems are suitable for single rooms, small retail shops, residential and small offices. 


Critical cooling

Computer room air conditioning units (CRAC) are a vital piece of equipment designed to control temperature and humidity within critical spaces. There are two types of configurations: down flow and up flow, where air is removed through either the top or bottom of the equipment, depending on the design required. These systems are suitable for data centres, UPS (uninterruptable power supply) rooms, data halls, IT, and electrical switch rooms. 


Server room DX systems

Our expert team specialises in managing DX (Direct Expansion) cooling systems for server rooms. These systems are meticulously designed, installed, and maintained to ensure precise temperature control and humidity regulation, mitigating the risk of downtime.

We offer proactive maintenance plans, providing regular system check-ups and immediate 24/7 emergency repairs when needed. Additionally, our services encompass energy-efficient upgrades, keeping your server room running optimally while reducing environmental impact.



Elevate your business’s refrigeration needs with our cutting-edge systems. We provide tailored refrigeration solutions designed for efficiency and reliability. From installation to maintenance and repairs, our expert team ensures your cooling needs are met seamlessly. Trust us to keep your products fresh and your operations running smoothly.


Air Zone

Experience superior indoor air quality with Air Zone. Our comprehensive services encompass air purification, ventilation, and climate control solutions. From installation to maintenance, our team ensures your space is comfortable, healthy, and efficient. Breathe easy and enjoy optimal air quality with Air Zone.



Elevate your cooling experience with Hybrid Air Conditioning. Our innovative services combine traditional and energy-efficient cooling solutions to deliver the perfect balance of comfort and sustainability. From installation to maintenance, we ensure your space stays excellent, efficient, and eco-friendly. Embrace the future of air conditioning with Hybrid.



Discover the ultimate in energy-efficient climate control with Altherma Air Conditioning. Our cutting-edge services harness advanced heat pump technology to deliver superior heating, cooling, and hot water solutions. We optimise your indoor environment from installation to maintenance for maximum comfort and efficiency. Experience sustainable living with Altherma.


Heat pumps

Unlock year-round comfort and energy savings with our Heat Pump Air Conditioning services. Harnessing the power of heat transfer technology, we provide efficient heating and cooling solutions for your space. Our expert team ensures seamless installation and maintenance, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly climate control system. Experience the benefits of Heat Pump technology today.


Central control

At City Air Conditioning, we offer our advanced Central Control Air Conditioning services. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs, enhancing your indoor environment with effortless comfort and efficiency. From installation to ongoing maintenance, our expert team ensures your system operates seamlessly, giving you the ultimate control over your climate. Experience the convenience and performance of Central Control Air Conditioning, exclusively at City Air Conditioning.

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